Why Firewalk?


For thousands of years and all over the globe humans have walked on fire. Firewalking took place in India more than 4000 years ago. Native American shamans practiced firewalking medicine and the Kahunas of Hawaii walked on molten lava. African Kalahari Bushmen used firewalking as a powerful healing ritual for their tribe. Since we were children, we were taught that fire burns… Imagine for a moment what is possible if you could prove otherwise? What if you could walk safely across a 1200 degree C coal bed and not get burned? What other wonders could you create for yourself and your life, what other amazing heights could you reach?

A firewalk offers you the opportunity to let go of your fears, live your dreams and align with your life’s purpose. You will learn to tap into the natural wisdom of your body by coming face to face with one of the most powerful elements in nature. During the firewalk you will build a relationship with the fire that will last a lifetime. At each firewalk, a powerful medicine is released and everyone who is present (whether you choose to walk or not) will benefit from the healing.


What to expect at a High Path Firewalk experience?


In the workshop prior to the firewalk you will get the opportunity to look at your life and your belief system. You will identify limiting thought patterns and the unconscious belief systems that underlie fear and suffering. Through an understanding of certain spiritual laws and various powerful exercises leading up to the fire walk you will step beyond what you have previously believed. When the fire is ready you will have an opportunity to cross the red-hot coals and experience your limitless self!


The Firewalking workshop could include any one or more of the following depending on time allowed and the size of the group;

·    Arrow Break

 This exercise teaches us to move forward with trust and commitment and to realize that the obstacles we face in life are generally self create. This exercise involves breaking an arrow with the soft part of your throat. It is an intense experience that creates much fear and a large amount of energy is released as participants successfully shatter their individual arrows.

·      Rebar Bend

This exercise is similar to the arrow break in that participants are shown how to bend 3/8ths rebar using again the soft part of their throats. This exercise is done in pairs with two people sharing one 7 foot piece of rebar. This is a very challenging exercise and requires building high levels of energy between the two people.

·      Glass Walk

In this exercise participants get to walk across a bed of broken glass! This is a truly terrifying experience for many people but reaps huge rewards.  By focusing their energies here in the present, participants learn to harness dormant powers to achieve amazing things like walking on glass.

If you have anything really valuable to contribute to the world it will come through the expression of your own personality, that single spark of divinity that sets you off and makes you different from every other living creature.
— Bruce Barton

Some ways firewalks can be used

  • To move past feelings of fear, stagnation, and hurt
  • As a team building practice for organizations and businesses
  • As a rite of passage for young men and women
  • As a way for couples to breakthrough relationship patterns
  • For individuals to set strong intentions for their lives
  • As a ritual to honor and attune with the powerful fire element
  • To let go of past traumas by symbolically offering them to the fire and walking through them