Q: How hot are the coals?

A: 1000 F up to as much as 1800F.


Q: Will I burn my feet?

A: Fire burns, and the risk of burning your feet at a firewalk is always present. For some it may even entail a blister or two, but it is not the point of firewalking to 'not get burnt'. A walk across the coals reminds us that we are the authors of our stories and that we are fully responsible for the realities in which we find ourselves.

Q: What are the benefits of firewalking?

A: Firewalking is not only a metaphor for how we choose to live our lives, but in a very real sense it brings us present in a way very few activities can. Stepping beyond our fears allows us to be present in this moment. Read more on the Why Firewalk? page.


Q: Can I come to just watch?

A: Let me be very clear about this; To fully receive the benefits of this powerful work it is NOT NECESSARY that you walk across the coals or do any other activity. We do ask that everyone who attends a firewalk does so consiously. You should come with every intention of being present and participating fully. That is to say, avoid making your mind up before you come, and simply choose in the moment to walk or not to walk. How many wonderful opportunities pass us by when we pre-determine how our experience of life will be?

Q: Can I bring my child?

A: We ask that you use your discretion when it comes to children. Can your child understand the powerful intention of this ritual, and have the attention span to stay present with the group for the entire 3-4 hours we are working together? We generally recommend children be at least 12 years of age, and clear as to what they are getting themselves into and why they are attending.