Julie Connelly

I was so impressed with the professional manner in which this was presented. Oliver and Lily are perfect facilitators for this legendary ceremony. Thanks for all that you two do for us!!

Jamie Novak

I am forever grateful to you and Oliver for reminding me of what I have known spiritually and energetically for so long, but have had a challenging time making it work practically in my life.  The fire walk, and the activities to prepare for the walk, provided the immediate proof that solidified the power of our thoughts, as well as the importance of mindfulness, intention and breathing!

Crystal Wolfchild

Thank you Lily and Oliver for your gifts and expression that you so abundantly shared last night at the fire walk! I am grateful for u in my life...and for all that we will create in community together! 

David Mallin

I am in awe, uplifted, and in gratitude for the gifts Lily and Oliver are for our community and for individuals stepping up, waking up, and learning the lessons of trust, faith, and heart over matter. The ceremony and sacred manner in which Oliver facilitied the whole evening was beautiful. The setting and sunset was spectacular. The timing in my life for a fire ceremony and to open my trust channels was perfect. Thank you!

Ken Duncan

Just can't speak any higher of my friends, Oliver and Lily. Their firewalk yesterday in Mancos was so powerful. Thank you both for helping me get very clear about my intentions for this fall/winter. My path will be filled with perseverance, hope, and presence for the beautiful moments that fill my life. You both are leaders and bring strength and courage to so many. Thank you!!!