Oliver scott-tomlin

Oliver is a Sundoor Certified Firewalk Instructor who has guided hundreds of people safely across the coals. He is also a dedicated yoga and meditation practitioner and teacher. He currently manages The Herbal Alternative, a medicinal and recreational marijuana dispensary in Colorado. He is a devoted husband and father.

“I have worked with the broadest possible range of individuals in the field of psychology, from those with the greatest potential to those most damaged by life. My work in the field of environmental sustainability and social justice has brought to the forefront of my attention the pressing need for change in the way we live as individuals and the way we live collectively. I strive to empower individuals to take responsibility for their thoughts, actions and creations in life, with particular reference to balanced practices that lead to health, happiness and creativity. The High Path is a culmination of all these elements. It is an integrated experience offering psychological, energetic and practical tools to move beyond the all too prevalent ‘victim complex’ and become empowered co-creators in life."



Lily Russo

Lily is an independent artist, mosaic teacher, yoga teacher, traveler, singer, and whole foods chef.

“I am passionate about contributing to the shift in consciousness that is bringing society to an awakened state to make the most honorable and healthy choices.  I facilitate various Practices in Presence that empower individuals with the many tools available in order to live up to their highest potential and purpose on this planet.  My yoga and meditation classes are grounded in focused intention and fuse graceful, physical movement with deeply concentrated breathwork.